Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q in Marinette, Wisconsin

Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q History

2023 Update

My dad grew up in Marinette, Wisconsin. He ended up settling in Michigan but his family still lived in Marinette. When I was growing up, we used to take road trips to Wisconsin and Minnesota to see the relatives. We would stop in Marinette and visit with my dad’s family.

The one place that we always went to when we were there, was Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q to eat the best hamburgers in the world. We began going there in the 1960’s  and I’m still going there today in 2023. It has not changed at all. The juke box is still there with the original tables and chairs.

Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q
Getting ready to enjoy fresh burgers
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q
Front of Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q

There is one thing that changed and that is the owner. Chuck ended up selling the place around 2020 or so to one of the cooks who worked for him. She continues the tradition of fresh ingredients, buns and mustard. They still cook them over fresh burning charcoal and you can watch them cook while sitting at the counter.

Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q grill
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q Charcoal Grill

What’s so special about their burgers?


Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q sign
Why are they so good?

Everything! To name a few, fresh ground beef, fresh crispy buns that are heated up over charcoal, fresh ingredients including spicy mustard, Wisconsin cheese, a fresh paddy of pure butter that is put on top of the cooked burger and melts just before you bite into it and the burger is cut in half for you to easily eat. And most importantly, the burgers are cooked over fresh charcoal!

Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q burger
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q burger ready to eat
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q burger ready to eat

More Pictures

Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q burgers
Me holding a couple Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q burgers
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q burgers
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q burgers
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q 2023 Prices
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q 2023 Prices
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q bill
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q 2023 Bill

Notice the Formica top on the table. It hasn’t changed in 60 years!

Location Information

Service options: Dine-in · Takeout · No delivery
Mickey-Lu Bar-B-Q
1710 Marinette Ave
Marinette, WI 54143
2023 Hours: 
Closed Monday
(715) 735-7721

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