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We sell a few items related to outhouses as well as some cheap pocket knives.

Our main items at this time include plans to build an outhouse, a book called The Humanure Handbook, ToilArt (Pictures the Curator has taken and sells copies of),  hand made wood outhouse bird feeders, wood Toilet Paper holders,  wood Kleenex box holders and cheap pocket knives.

The Hurmanure Handbook explains how to compost humanure by using sawdust in a compost area.  It also shows how to build a thing called a Loveable Loo. We no longer recommend you use an outhouse in the traditional way of digging a hole under the outhouse.  We now recommend you use a Loveable Loo and compost your waste.  What is  a Loveable Loo?

A Loveable Loo is built out of wood and is the same height as a toilet. There is a toilet seat on top and under that is a 5 Gallon bucket with sawdust in it. The concept is you go #1 or #2 and then cover it with fresh sawdust. There is no real odor. When the bucket is full, you take it out, cover it with the lid and put a new bucket inside.  Somewhere outside, you maintain two to three compost areas. You fill one up for a year and then let it rest for up to two years. The material composts into harmless mulch. You then begin using your second compost area and fill that one up over a year’s time.

Other products include plans to build a very decorative outhouse.  The plans include a materials list, clear instructions and a lot of pictures showing construction and other pictures of the finished outhouse.  We also sell small wooden outhouses that can be used as a bird house, Kleenex dispenser or toilet paper holder. These are custom built to order and take a long time to make with little to no profit so we don’t push to sell them.

We used to sell other products over the years but due to supplier issues or various other reasons, we no longer sell those products.

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