New Hunting Camp Latrine in Michigan

Old Hunting Camp Latrine
Old Hunting Camp Latrine
New Hunting Camp Latrine
New Hunting Camp Latrine

The Outhouses of America Tour Curator owns hunting property and it had an old latrine on it shown at the top. It was a one-holer with a SHALLOW hole.  Right away we removed the seat and covered the hole in the floor with plywood. Then we put our Loveable Loo in there instead. Now we use the Loveable Loo with sawdust and compost our Humanure.

But wait!

It gets better. We finally decided to tear down the old latrine because the roof leaked and it was in very bad shape. We replaced wit with an 8′ x 8′ Tuff Shed and now we use that for storage and we have our Loveable Loo in there.

If you look closely through the door, you can see the sawdust tub and the Loveable Loo.  Our hunting camp cabin is in the background. The Loveable Loo works great. There is NO STINK (well maybe for a few minutes after #2) but you cover it with fresh sawdust and in a very short time, no odor at all. You can compost your humanure summer or winter.

Here is a direct link to the video that shows how the composting works in the winter. We also sell the Humanure Handbook that tells all about the Loveable Loo as well as how safe composting humanure is. It even shows you how to build one. Visit our Loveable Loo page for more information.

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