Tokyo Public Toilet Tour

Circa 2024

A ride-sharing company is offering “restroom enthusiasts” a four-hour tour of Tokyo’s public toilets. The guided trip provides sort of the opposite of a souvenir.

THE TOKYO TOILET is a project where 16 world class creators
redesigned 17 public toilets in Shibuya, Tokyo, transforming them into restrooms that can be used comfortably by everyone.
“THE TOKYO TOILET SHUTTLE TOUR*” explores the unique toilets of Tokyo.

Timing and Frequency:

From Friday 1st March 2024 (*Twice a week)

Roman Toilets found in Europe in 2023

Roman Toilet
Roman Toilet Full View

Roman toilets

The rich would have their servants sit on a spot to warm the marble until they got there. The channel in front had water running along in it and when you finished your business, you grabbed a stick with a sponge on the end, dipped it in the water and wiped yourself. Of course those near the end had dirtier water to use than those at the beginning of the line.

Roman Toilet
Roman Toilet Close Up View
This cat was content to sit near one of the Roman Outhouse openings!
Roman Outhouse cat near Outhouse Toilet Hole

Could this be a WPA Outhouse base made out of concrete?

Pictures used by permission from Lester S.

    I was contacted by Lester S. who said the following:

 We have a concrete base with number “191” marked into the concrete behind the rectangular seat base. It’s not set at an angle. Located in Washington County southern IL. I don’t think it’s a WPA unit but I’m guessing.

It sure looks to me like it could be another form for an WPA Outhouse platform. He sent me the above picture along with several others that are below. Does anyone out there have any idea if this was something else?

When you take a look at the concrete rectangle, it has a hole all the way down and the top could hold a wooden platform the could include the Outhouse hole along with a seat of some type.

Here are the other pictures.


Visiting Germany at Christmastime is a great time. Christmas Markets are everywhere and of course, there is some “Merriment” going on that requires the use of the Wasser Closet (Outhouse).

Here we see a freshly cleaned Outhouse arriving via helicopter. I guess an emergency arose and they needed extra support for all the merriment going on?


A Flying Outhouse!
Picture taken on 13 December 2021
Photo sent by Dee P. and used by permission

Sweden’s Ureddplassen roadside rest stop “Outhouse”

Swedens Ureddplassen Rest Stop Outhouse
Swedens Ureddplassen Rest Stop Outhouse

See all the pictures in the full article

Yes, it’s a bathroom, a public toilet, a roadside rest stop. But it happens to be an unusually stylish roadside loo, on one of the world’s greatest roads. This month, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration opened Ureddplassen, a $2 million installation near the town of Gildeskål along the Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten.

This spectacularly restful rest area features a few simple block benches of “Norwegian Rose” marble from the town of Fauske—the same stone used in New York’s United Nations building—and a lovely viewing platform of amphitheater-style steps facing the small beach and the open sea, ideal for gazing at the aurora borealis during the winter or the midnight sun in the summertime. Ureddplassen’s remarkable frosted-glass toilet building, designed by Oslo-based architects Marit Justine Haugen and Dan Zohar, has been created to evoke “a sense of poetic solitude as it complements the natural landscape of Norway.” Perfect.


“Very Cool” 3-Holer Saved from the Scrap pile

Restored 3-holer "Saved" from scrapping Outhouse
Restored 3-holer “Saved” from scrapping Outhouse

It isn’t too often that an Outhouse can be saved from being scrapped but Hope found this Outhouse laying on its side and ready to be cut up by the owner. She convinced the owner to give it to her and here are her own words describing the find.

Restored 3-holer "Saved" from scrapping Outhouse
Restored 3-holer “Saved” from scrapping Outhouse

Hi,  I recently found an old 3 seater outhouse laying on its side in the back of someones house.  My husband and I thought it would be great for our back yard as a tool shed.  Our house is 117 years old so this is a perfect fit.  We have dressed it up quite a bit, but left the interior original.  I absolutely love this building.   Hope

3-Holer that was almost destroyed
3-holer ready to be chopped up “Saved” from scrapping Outhouse

The picture of it laying on it’s side is how I found it.  The fella was going to chop it up.  We painted the outside, but left the interior all original.

3-holer "Saved" from scrapping Outhouse
3-holer “Saved” from scrapping Outhouse

If you look at the inside shot, you can see a lower smaller hole. That one was used by the children. They being shorter needed a lower hole. In our Outhouse, we had a smaller diameter hole for the children and built a step out of wood for them to climb up onto the platform.

"Saved" from scrapping Outhouse window
“Saved” from scrapping Outhouse window

Pictures used by permission of Hope Moore who took the pictures.