2020 AT Thru-Hiker Tag

When you thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, you get a backpack hang tag and they write your what number hiker you are starting out. At Harpers Ferry, they issue you a new number because by then, 75% of the original hikers have dropped out.


Emergency Lantern

We recently used this when our power went out. It is nice and bright and lasts a long time on batteries.


Buy these to hook your inverter to your battery

You need good cables to hook an inverter to your battery. Don’t buy cheap cables.


Inverter to power items using a deep cell battery

We own this inverter. It will run a refrigerator, freezer and several lights with no problem. Hook it to your car battery and run your car to power your refrigerator, freezer and lights.


Piggy back these on an extension cord to power many things

We have a lot of these and carry them when traveling. You can plug them back to back and they are better than a power strip.


Energizer 225 Lumens Headlamp

This headlamp will provide light for a long time with 3 rechargeable Eneloop batteries. It has several brightness settings as well as red light to preserve night vision.


Large Isobutane 230 G Fuel Cartridge

This is the size I usually buy and carry. Large Isobutane 230 G Fuel Cartridge. More fuel for a good price.


Small 100 Gm Isobutane fuel container

This is the size that fits inside the Jetboil I carry one of these inside but use the larger size as much as possible.



Sterilize your water with a Steripen


Nalgene water bottle

Store or sterilize water in your Nalgene bottle