Welcome to our new web site


We have created a new web site for the Outhouses of America Tour. Our intent over the next year is to slowly transfer outhouses over from the old html site to this site.

Also, comments people Emailed us sometimes sat in the hopper for days, weeks or months. This should allow a quicker movement to the web site.

6 Replies to “Welcome to our new web site”

  1. I once saw a picture of a White House out door style toilet with multiple seats. Could sent me a picture and information?

    1. Most outhouses had 2 seats. Usually one was for adults and the other was smaller for children. You can see them all by looking at my Real Outhouses section. J

  2. I attended a one room country school. I would like a picture of the White House out door toilet style with multiple seats and information.

    1. I don’t have the time to send pictures. I assume you are talking about the slang term for the Outhouse. It was called the White House by some people for sure. Please take a look at the Real Outhouses section. There are plenty of them there. J

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